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 A Dream Come True!:

Nickelodeon Theatres
And Their Music
 (Vestal Press 1986)

Perhaps the most comprehensive, if not the only book that covers early movie theaters history from the Nickelodeon Period.
Many books touch on it, however, Q. David Bowers is known for his exhaustive research and has assembled a vivid view of what early nickelodeon theatres were like. Packed with information on the evolution of movie theatres starting at 1895 until about 1915. The book is loaded with photos showing theatre architecture, movie equipment, from-the-period and reprints of advertisements fro projectors, theatre organs and many other theatre accouterments.
Truly a must have for anyone interested in the development of the motion picture industry and the beginnings of movie theatres.
212 Pages, profusely illustrated. One of our personal favorites! Available in Hardcover with dust jacket or soft bound.

Available for only $29.95 + $5.95 shipping and handling.

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