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Called by many names, Clapper, Clapboard, Scene Slate, Clakker....
The Hollywood Dream Factory® Clapper is simply the best around!

The clapper (also known as a slate, skateboard, clacker, clapsticks, clapper board), was invented sometime during the early 1920's. Sound was just being introduced to film, and film makers needed a way to synchronize sound with film. Striking the sticks would create a clap sound that would be recorded and later synchronized with the visual film allowing the picture and sound to run in sync. Clappers are still in use today and have become an historic symbol of the motion picture industry.

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Vintage Style

Treatise on Choosing a Clapper
When choosing a clapper, pay attention to the little details and see why Hollywood Dream Factory® product is the best quality and value.

What is the difference between our clapper and novelty imitations?
Many of the novelty clappers are made overseas of inferior materials and craftsmanship. For instance, the boards are made from luann wood which breaks, warps and cracks easily.
Also, the finish is not a chalk-grabbing surface, but a slick, painted surface. The sticks are poor grade lumber and are held in place by tacks rather than the 3 steel rivets and steel plate reinforcements that we use.
After years of making thousands upon thousands of clappers, we’re very experienced and have refined our skills and process to achieve a standard of quality respected by film professionals.
Our clappers are simply the best around for the quality and fair value. Used by professional film makers, our clappers are made by hand right at the Dream Factory™.
We use the finest materials around. Our boards are durable, tempered hardboard with a special chalkboard surface. The sticks are made from select northern hardwoods, hinged by rigid steel plates and rivets to insure continued, rigorous use by professionals. The hand screen printing is crisp and rich in details. Flat black sticks and boards are deep black and non-reflective - a plus for photography -
Made by a company with great passion for Cinema, combined with Old World Craftsmanship and USA Quality....

We’ve supplied these to nearly every major film studio and have shipped them around the globe. They make excellent items to decorate film themed rooms or a unique invitation to send out for that special event.
Our clappers have been used in numerous TV commercials, catalogs, theme parks, the MTV Movie Awards and even on last year’s Academy Awards® ceremony on tv.
Your special logo can be custom printed on as little as 100 pieces. Check our wholesale info.
We figure our clappers must be pretty good, as some companies have thought that by copying our layout of art and type design that they could pass them off as ours! However, upon inspection, you will find that the integrity in the product is missing in the cheaply made imitation. Furthermore, our clappers have the cherry on top...before we pack each one, it is given a gentle dusting with our special, secret, 100% certified, genuine Hollywood Dream Factory® Star Dust™, containing all the history, myths and legends of all the Hollywood pioneers and dreamers of the Motion Picture Industry to help perpetuate the dreams of anyone who loves the Silver Screen!
Why do you think they call us the Dream Factory™?

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